The Kids Are Alright

It's been a very long time since I've been in school. And like a lot of Canadians, I see a yellow bus, I breathe into a paper bad and then I carry on with my day. But this past week I went back to school and why not? 47 schools from across Canada came together and raised a quarter of a million dollars for kids on the other side of the planet.

And I know, it was a contest. Who can raise the most money? But let's face it, no matter where you go to school, there’s always going to be a school that's bigger, nicer, richer, whatever. The kids know this and yet they still went to work and raised all that money.

Really? What is wrong with kids today? From where I’m standing, not much.

And how about the kids at P.C.V.S. in Peterborough? What a school! Great sports, great science, they got arts up the yazoo. They have an anti-bullying hotline that hasn't been called in eleven months. And still this year they were told out of the blue, their school was closing.

You know, in these situations you have two options. You can do what you're told or you can fight like hell. These kids, they went with the latter, and boy what a beautiful sight. They fought, they marched, they made the lives of the school board a living hell and they still went out and raised 50 grand for kids in Africa. These kids may not be able to vote but they could teach us all a thing or two about being engaged citizens.

In fact, if I could replace the entire federal cabinet with 39 kids from P.C.V.S. I would do it in a heartbeat. I take that back, I would replace them with 25 kids, Harper's cabinet is too big as it is. The president of the student council at P.C.V.S. has said they’re going to keep fighting because Canada needs more schools like theirs not one less. I tend agree, I'm just glad they lasted as long as they did. We're all better off because of it.

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