Vic Likes to Watch

My guess is if the average citizen was told that they had five minutes left to live and they were alone in their house, a good percentage of Canadians would devote 2 or 3 of those last minutes on Earth to erasing their hard drives. Not because they’re criminals, but because it might contain something that’s, what's the expression I'm looking for? Nobody's business.

And that includes the Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews. Now Vic, Vic's a nice guy, but he's got this thing. He likes to peek. Or at least he wants to peek into your hard drive. He wants to be able to get your computer’s IP address without a warrant; he wants all of your computer online traffic recorded. It's his thing.

Now Vic says it's no big deal, it's like a phone book. Now I trust Vic, I do, but I asked a computer geek friend of mine and he says no, it’s nothing like a phone book. In fact it's like a fingerprint. Except it's a fingerprint that can tell Vic how much money you make, what you read, where you get your news, what you say to your best friend, what turns you on and how you vote. Gee is that all Vic? Because, um, that makes me uncomfortable.

Now Vic says we have a choice to make here. We can side with the Conservatives and let Vic peek or we can side with the child pornographers. Now unfortunately for Vic he forgot one very important thing. Canadians aren't that stupid. And thank God. Because Vic, you can call us all the names you want but that doesn't change the fact we’re not going to let you peek. That doesn't make us criminal it makes us Canadian. It's why we shut our blinds at night.

The state has no business in the hard drives of the nation. You want to peek Vic? Convince a judge and get a warrant.

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