Fighting Those Who Fought For Us

Three years ago the Harper Government went to court in a fight with Canadian veterans. The government argued that if a disabled veteran was compensated for say, losing a limb, then the government should be able to clawback that money out of their pension. Now thankfully, the court ruled no, the government can’t take pension money away from the disabled because losing a limb is not the same as getting a bonus at work.

Now we find out that once again the government’s back in court, fighting veterans, and this time they’ve spent $700,000.00. And their argument is simple; it’s that Canada has no obligation to veterans whatsoever. None whatsoever. They admit, yes, prior to the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden promised that Canada had a sacred obligation to veterans. But our government is saying that’s no longer true. No obligation at all. Now sadly, for anyone who knows veterans, or disabled ones, this comes as no surprise.

My buddy Paul is a veteran. He lost both his legs in Afghanistan. Every year they make him prove over and over again that his legs are still gone. Four times they’ve said nope, we’re not taking your word for it. You have to prove they’re still gone. Get a note from a doctor. Literally a note saying his legs have not grown back. You know, in case he's pulling a fast one. His friend was shot in the head and has to prove over and over again that he still has no vision in his left eye. His left eye, by the way, is made out of glass.

So the next time you bump into an MP, and they’re telling you how much this government does for veterans, don’t take them at their word. Tell them to prove it.

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