Justin, Andrew, and Jagmeet

Justin Trudeau is a very lucky politician—nothing sticks to this guy. He goes out there on the road doing all these town halls all over Canada; he gets up there in front of big crowds; he totally goes off script; he’s up there just freewheeling it; and yes, sometimes it works. But man oh man, when he is in improv mode some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is baffling. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if he opened his mouth and a Tide detergent pod popped out.

Now you would think the opposition would be all over this, but let’s face it, nobody can pick those guys out of a lineup. Andrew Scheer, the new Conservative leader, well he’s a really nice guy. I know this because the party keeps releasing videos telling us that he’s a really nice guy. The last video had Andrew telling us that when he was growing up, Dad didn’t have a car so he had to take the bus to school. I have not been so inspired by a tale of a young man overcoming personal adversity since Rick Hansen got in the wheelchair and went all the way around the globe. Andrew, here’s an idea—next time you release a video put some policy in it. You may be afraid of policies, but Canadians are not.

Then we have the NDP. You might have missed this but they too have a brand new leader: Jagmeet Singh.  He held a big event last week, invited the media and they all showed up because they thought he might be announcing policy. Nope! He wanted the media there so they could watch while he asked his girlfriend to marry him. Yeah, that happened. Jagmeet, I know some people propose marriage in public. Sometimes they do it in front of strangers. Some people do it on the jumbotron at a hockey game and, yes, Canadians clap for them, but trust me Jagmeet, we don’t vote for those people.

Justin Trudeau is a very lucky man but luck can’t last forever in politics. Although with opposition like this, it just might.

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