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Well it was quite a week in politics for the Conservative Government, eh? Allegations of lying, cheating, fraud – and that was just Monday before breakfast. But if you ask people who live and breathe this stuff, they all say the same thing. It doesn't matter. People just don't care. Apparently our opinion of politics and the people who practice the art is now so low that no matter what the behaviour we’re no longer surprised. It's like going to a family wedding. Why bother getting upset because uncle Jerry has too much to drink and makes a holy show of himself out on the dance floor? It's uncle Jerry, that's what he does.

Now the problem is in politics the bar is now so low, governments aren’t just coming up with old tricks, they're developing new tricks nobody’s even considered before.

Like dropping the name "The Government of Canada" and replacing it with "The Harper Government." Now don't get me wrong. The Prime Minister is a very important man. But isn't being prime minister enough? I mean, what kind of ego would you have to possess to sit there and say, well, I think Canada has a nice ring to it I but I like my name better.

For example when I was a kid I was taught that the Government of Canada maintains national parks all across this country; I was taught the Government of Canada protects and maintains the graves of fallen soldiers overseas. Kids today will be taught that Stephen Harper does that because he’s our leader. Now granted by North Korean standards this is no big deal. But by Canadian standards, this is way offside. Canada is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Canada is much greater than any one man. And I'm sorry Stephen, your job, and it’s temporary, is to run the Government of Canada. If you don't like it, you can leave. But we’re not changing the name.

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