Give It Away


Do you know what I am eternally grateful for and yet don't like to think about very much? My organs. Out of sight, out of mind has always been my philosophy. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my organs are in there doing whatever it is they’re supposed to do, I'm just not particularly attached to them.

When the day comes that I don't need them, I hope someone else can use them. Now this does not make me unique. 89 percent of Canadians support the idea of organ donation. We are a generous, intelligent people. We are also a nation of procrastinators. We view organ donation the same way we view cleaning up the basement; we support the idea, it's just very easy to put it off until, well forever.

And every province is different. I assumed that I was a donor because I live in Ontario and I checked “take 'em all” on my driver's license years ago. Turns out that’s no guarantee. I'm also supposed to register online. And no matter where you live, if your second cousin twice removed shows up at the last minute saying no, your kidneys aren't going anywhere. And if you live in one province and you get hit by a truck in another, who knows what’s going to happen.

Now, there is a solution, a national registry. This is 2015. We should have an app for that. Sadly, we live in a country where no government, federal or provincial, has any interest in doing anything that everyone can get behind, because there’s no political points in that. That's not going to change soon. Let's face it, if any of our organs go on the fritz tomorrow, we’re all going to want to be on the list to get a new one. Well it works both ways.

Take a few minutes, talk it out with your family; figure out how it works in your province and make sure when you leave you don’t take your organs with you.

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