The End of (Daylight Saving) Time

I love Canada in November. It’s that magical time of year when so many of us get up and go to work and it’s dark. And then we come home from work and it’s dark. They say it leads to Seasonal Affective Disorder. Canada, the birthplace of S.A.D.

But I’ve got to say, on my way to work this morning I wasn't so much concerned about the lack of sunshine and my mood as I was with the two pedestrians I almost ran over. And believe me the fact that it was just two of them means this was a good day. And why did I almost run them over? Well, as I mentioned, it was dark - a fact that seems to be lost on the vast majority of pedestrians this time of year. That and I swear to God one of them was dressed head to toe in black. Might as well have been wearing a Burka or a cloak of invisibility. If it wasn't for the little tiny light coming from the cell phone that he was texting on in the middle of the street I would have hit him at 40 kilometers an hour.

And is it just me or do pedestrians in this country actually slow down when they have to cross the street. I believe they do. Science will back me up on this.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a bad pedestrian. I know that, we all have. Just last month I was texting with my sister, I was half way through the crosswalk and it dawned on me. I’m in the middle of a busy street, my head is down, and I'm texting. If I die in the next five seconds it's my own fault. And not only that, the people I know, the people that love me the most and I know this about them; they will make fun of me, at my funeral, probably via text.

Now I don't know what the solution is here. I'm not a nanny state guy, I'm not saying everyone’s got to slap on a safety vest when they go to work in the morning, but for God's sakes - the average person weighs 150 pounds. A Prius weighs 3000 pounds and it's dark out. Do the math. So heads up Canada. Let's get through this winter together. Better S.A.D. than sorry.

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