Race to the Bottom

So people are finally starting to pay attention to the Conservative leadership race. Normally that would make me so happy. I just wish they were paying attention because there are 13 candidates, from all walks of life, from all regions of Canada, with very exciting ideas. Not so much.

People are mostly paying attention because Dr. Kellie Leitch has emerged as a front runner. You remember her. During the last election she’s the one that wanted to introduce a barbaric cultural practices hotline to Canada. Sort of like a toll free number you could call if brown people moved into your neighbourhood. That policy cost the Tories the election but it launched her leadership bid.

Now she is a very impressive candidate. She’s trilingual—she speaks English, French and a secret language that only really angry white people can understand. Her latest plan is that all visitors to this country must be screened for Canadian values. No biggie really. If you look like me and your cousins show up from California or the UK, you’ll be fine. If your name is Omar or Achmed, you might want to schedule a few extra hours out at the airport.  Or maybe you could go visit them.

Now a lot of Conservatives say we should just ignore her because she’s just doing this to get attention. I don’t buy that. There are far less offensive ways to get attention. I got on the subway the other day and a dude had a tattoo of an excited pig on his face. Certainly got my attention. Now I wouldn’t vote for the guy but, who knows, maybe some people would. In a post Trump world, anything is possible.

Look, leader of the Conservative Party is a very big job. It is just steps away from the Prime Minister’s office. And in a 150 years no one has made it there simply by race baiting. If you’re a Conservative, please get involved otherwise, someone might.

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