Censor Censure

Laurier University was in the news last week and, sadly, not because the Laurier Golden Hawks have won three provincial curling championships in a row. Nope. They dragged a teaching assistant over the coals for the egregious crime of showing an interview in her classroom that had originally aired on public television. Now the idea being, the students would watch the interview and then discuss the content. I know it’s a slippery slope. You allow that kind of thing to go on at university, next thing you know they will be drowning kittens.

Now the amazing thing about this story is not that it’s so absurd, it’s that it’s happening so often. Every time we turn around we hear about discussion and debate being disallowed at university because someone is offended. Speaking of which, the offending video in the Laurier story is an interview with a guy, who in my opinion, is an irritating dinosaur on some silly crusade against gender neutral pronouns. How do I have this opinion? I watched the video. I don’t agree with the guy in the video, but I’m glad I watched it.

But more importantly I’m very glad that a so called institute of higher learning is not in charge of what I can and can not watch. If that was the case I wouldn’t have an opinion; I’d be ignorant. Which I guess would make me the ideal student of the future. All Universities should be paying very close attention to this. Because the idea that young adults can not be exposed to unpopular opinion in the classroom—that’s an idea that’s about as dangerous as an idea can get.

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