The Absurd Case of Colonel Pat Stogran

I like politics because in many ways it is the theatre of the absurd. I love politics for the same reason I love Monty Python. But occasionally politics can move from the absurd to the obscene just like that.

Which brings us to the case of Colonel Pat Stogran. A Canadian solider, he served his country for 30 years and then the Tories came along and with huge fanfare, they gave him a job: a new job, one job and one job only – to stand up for our veterans. A veteran's ombudsman.  And boy, do they regret that.

Because apparently he wasn't paying attention when they said, “Oh, keep your mouth shut.”  So this summer, when we weren't paying attention, the Tories quietly said it was time for the good Colonel to move on. And why? Well for starters, he crossed the line when he criticized the veteran’s charter. I mean, how dare he? All the party's supported the veteran's charter. Why not, it's a charter! Everyone loves a charter. Everyone loves a veteran. But it was Stogran who said no, no, no.... read the fine print. Under this new charter, disabled soldiers actually get less money then ever before.

So, for all of you people who believe this government has never tried to cut costs? Oh they have – on the backs of injured soldiers. And the only reason we know this is Pat Stogran.  So basically he was fired. And now we find out his personal medical files have been accessed by the government over 400 times. And he's not the only one. If you’re a veteran, and you cross the government, your medical files will get passed around like a dirty picture at summer camp.

Pat Stogran deserves the order of Canada, double the budget and a corner office. Instead, he's being shown the door. He stood up for veterans. Where are the MPs who are gonna stand up for him?

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