An Ill Wind Blows from the South

At this point there have been millions of articles written about the US presidential election. My guess is half of them include the phrase ‘reality TV’ and I understand the comparison. But in order for a reality TV show to work it has to be, at its core, fundamentally vulgar. Or as it’s referred to now — Trump-like. 

The US election is not reality TV. The great thing about reality TV is if you don’t want to watch, you don’t have to watch. Believe it or not there are people among us that can’t pick a Kardashian out of a police line-up. At least from the front. But we can’t just decide to not watch a US election. In fact, as Canadians we should pay very, very close attention.  Not so we can feel superior but as a cautionary tale. 

In Canada we have three major political parties; two of those parties have no leaders. The fact that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee in the states, that will have a huge impact on those races right here in Canada.  Look at the NDP. The party of Douglas. The party of Layton? Nobody even wants the job. They are just sitting there waiting for a hostile takeover. Literally, someone shows up with a few bucks, a name and the will to live? The party could be theirs.  

And the Tories, well the opposite is true. They could have well over a dozen people on stage for their first leadership debate.  The Republicans, they had 16. What happened? The outrageous one, the one that played the race card and the fear card? Donald Trump was the last one standing. And it’s pretty obvious that some Tories right up here have been paying very close attention to that strategy. 

So to the membership of the NDP and the Conservatives. When choosing your leader, remember it is an ill wind that blows from the south. What happened down there can happen here.  Don’t let it.

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