In Consideration of Inconsideration

It has been suggested, on occasion, that I lack patience. So I decided to devote the time needed to improve myself. Well five minutes this morning in a Tim Hortons I realized I don’t lack patience at all. My problem is I live in a city, as do the vast majority of Canadians. My problem is I share my city with a tiny minority of people who are completely oblivious to anyone else around them. And by ‘around them’ I mean they don’t care about anyone behind them in a lineup.

You cannot avoid lineups in the big city. But how is it that there are people who walk among us who do not understand that when you’re in a lineup, you’re supposed to figure out what you want to order before you get to the counter. It’s a coffee shop, you know what you drink, order it, you’re not choosing your university major.

Inevitably these people are the ‘exact change’ people. You know who they are. It comes to $1.75, they’ve got a toonie, but they don’t want to use the toonie. They want to pay with exact change. The hell with everyone behind them in the lineup, all they’ve got to do to pay is stop everything, bend over, pick up their purse or their back pack, put it on the counter, open the zipper, reach inside, root around, no, no, wrong compartment, close that zipper, open the next one, reach in, got it, got it, oh no hang on, it’s another smaller purse or wallet with lots of little compartments, one of which is for the nickel; they find the nickels slowly, slowly count out the nickels, not enough nickels. Hang on, they’ve got a quarter somewhere else. And these people, they always look back and smile at the rest of us in the line as if we’re enjoying this as much as they are.

People of the city — we are in this together. Yes, patience is a virtue and so is not acting like you’re the only person on the planet. If you find yourself at the front of the line, keep it moving, because tomorrow, guaranteed, you’ll be at the back.

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