The Cost of Doing Business

Recently a small township in Ontario by the name of Centre Wellington tried to buy a well. Because as a growing municipality they wanted access to clean, safe drinking water into the future. Why anyone would be worried about such a thing, I have no idea, but hey it’s a free country. Anyway long story short it didn’t work out. They didn’t get their well. They didn’t get their well because they were outbid by Nestlé, a giant multinational. And now Nestlé can suck all the water they want out of that well and put it in little plastic bottles and sell it to people who need the water in order to live. 

Now let’s be clear, companies like Nestlé, they can’t just take water for free. No, this is a great natural resource, that belongs to we the people. They have to pay for the privilege. How much do they pay? Well, they pay three dollars and seventy one cents for every million litres of water they take. I’m just going to repeat that because you might be  thinking, well, that can’t be right. They pay three dollars and seventy one cents for every million litres of water they take. 

The amount of water these companies suck out of Canada every single day is staggering; we are talking trillions of litres of water every day. These are numbers you can’t even begin to get your head around unless you’re on the spectrum. 

Canada is one of the greatest countries on earth; we have 1/5 of the world’s fresh water supply. Every Canadian should have access to clean water out of a tap or a hose. But the multinationals? They should pay through the nose. Let’s tell Nestlé and the entire industry, we may be a free country, our water is not.

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