Netflix is Exceptional

So much fanfare, hoopla, and dare I say flimflammery this past month with the Liberal announcement that Netflix, instead of paying taxes in Canada, will spend 500 million dollars, over five years, making TV and film here. Ok, let’s just back that up. Instead of paying taxes? So the Netflix opening position is: we do not have a physical presence in Canada therefore we will not pay taxes in Canada. Wow! That’s a clever trick.

If you or I want to sell widgets in Canada we have to pay taxes. Even if they are virtual widgets. If anyone wants to do business in Canada they have to pay taxes—that’s how we pay for hospitals and roads and the wonderful work of the Winnipeg Ballet.

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin about 200 years ago who said, and I’m paraphrasing, the only two things in this world you cannot avoid are death and taxes. He did not say unless you’re streaming old episodes of Law and Order.

And as far as the 500 million dollars they say they’re going to spend here—they do that anyway. TV and film companies from all over the world shoot in Canada because we have good crews, a low dollar, and BC looks like twelve different planets.

I love Netflix and I’ve had it since day one. But they’re not a religion, they’re not a not-for-profit. When the $10.99 comes off my Visa, I am well aware that I am purchasing a service and not making a donation to World Vision. Okay, so they make a lot of money. I’m happy for them. Profit is good. But Netflix, if you want to operate in Canada, contribute to Canada just like everybody else.

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