Blame the Bogeyman

It is a political truth in this country that we do not elect governments, we like to throw governments out. It’s been about two years now since we took a look at Stephen Harper and his blue meanies and we threw them out the door. It is another political truth in this country that new governments, around the two year mark, tend to lose perspective on how and why they got elected in the first place.

Which is why the Liberals are suddenly under the misguided assumption that they’re in power not because we threw the blue meanies out, but because everyone fell in love with Liberals and everything they stand for. They think they’re in power solely because they are the smartest, most competent, most beautiful people in all the land. No Justin, no. You’re what’s called the booby prize. Canadians looked at you during the last election and said hey look at him! He can walk and talk at the same time. He will do. Then we biffed the old guy out. Sunny ways, you said. Bring it on, we said.

Which leads us to our current situation regarding the Liberal’s decision to make small business the new Canadian boogie man. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because small business is up to no good. Small business owners are getting away with stuff. The details are shady but this government, this cabinet, they are committed to putting an end to it.

Remember the good old days when the Tories would just blame everything on the elites? They couldn’t even say who the elites were but it was all their fault. The Liberals are doing the exact same thing. They’re just swapping one boogie man—the elites—for a new one—small business. Let’s not forget their latest boogie man—farmers. Really Justin? Farmers?

You want proof that a government is starting to lose its ways, see if they’ll pick a fight with farmers. Why they would do such a thing? I have no idea. Maybe Liberals are against vegetables. In the ground I mean, not in cabinet.



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