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Rick trains search and rescue dogs with the British Columbia Search Dog Association in Roche Lake, BC; and takes in the Corn & Apple Festival in Morden, MB.

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Secret Path by Gord Downie

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Rick's Rant

It has been suggested, on occasion, that I lack patience. So I decided to devote the time needed to improve myself. Well five minutes this morning in a Tim Hortons I realized I don’t lack patience at all. My problem is I live in a city, as do the vast majority of Canadians. My problem is I share my city with a tiny minority of people who are completely oblivious to anyone else around them. And by ‘around them’ I mean they don’t care about anyone behind them in a lineup.

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Plan Canada - Gifts of Hope
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It Gets Better
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Hope Air
They're not an airline, they're a lifeline.

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